Hey NG! In case you didnt Know im actually on Twitter, So follow me at

And as you guys know from the begging i didnt like my username, and apart from everything but newgrounds you can find me as anything close to "WhatsmyNameJames"

Including my TwitPic, DeviantArt, Smosh.com and BlogTV accounts.

So in case any newgrounders are active on any of these sites please visit me and I'll see you really soon ;)

Im Getting a New Microphone!

2009-11-24 03:02:19 by LockPad

Hey NG! Many of you ask when i will be posting my New Flash Submissions and im already in the final stages of sumbitting 3 new animations. But now with a new job im applying for, within 4 weeks i will have an awesome new Microphone. And Sound quality was a thing i was worried about so now i can Chill.
And anyone needing to hire a voice actor (with an egoraptor, tomamoto trait) just give a PM

Should my Art Be on NG?

2009-10-24 20:58:23 by LockPad

Okay so what i usually sumbmit 2 NG are just some quick drawings and lately the character concepts for my upcoming animations. But should i really post everything on NG? or just keep things to myself and launch my bigger projects?

Tell me what you think

AnyLook Guy!

2009-10-03 04:39:23 by LockPad

Hey Artists and Posers of NG!

Just some Mindless drawing on Flash Today and I made this pic of Just a Random Stick Figure. But I was also able to draw Anything on him to make him look different and I mean Anything!
But Today I want You to copy and paste The Original Into a Flash Document And by using a Red Drawing Tool of some sort and send in you own version of Anylook Guy!

BTW You can erase any Part of Anylook Guy to complete th pic and all of it Has to be in Red

AND IF you cant cpoy and paste this Ive sumbitted it on my UserPage in Latest Art (But its Best if you select View Full Size and Then Copy and Paste) yeah do that


AnyLook Guy!

Anyone Out there?

2009-08-22 05:58:04 by LockPad

So far I have had no replys to my Problem I posted a while ago,

in case u are only reading this now, here's my problem again...

I do not want to remain with the same username any more... sounds easy right?... BUT

- I need to keep the same e-mail address -

So if you can Help me please reply.

Thanks Guys!

Anyone Out there?