Should my Art Be on NG?

2009-10-24 20:58:23 by LockPad

Okay so what i usually sumbmit 2 NG are just some quick drawings and lately the character concepts for my upcoming animations. But should i really post everything on NG? or just keep things to myself and launch my bigger projects?

Tell me what you think


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2009-10-26 05:59:58

I eat my burger hard

LockPad responds:

I eat mine by singing to it.


2009-10-29 20:58:13

Do yourself and all of us by getting off Newgrounds.
Go Away the Adults are Talking.

(Updated ) LockPad responds:

Youre Such A Loser, you cant even think of a decent comeback So you Cut and Paste my Sincere Advice to U. No one likes you and You even Deleted your Single Submission Because it was so bad and was getting the Blams it deserved.